Hearing Loss Changemaker WenXi Zhang

WenXi Zhang Parent China

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Hello, my name is WenXi. You can call me Jessica if you prefer. I will give a brief overview of my story below. 

“Like most new parents, in 1992, my parents were overjoyed to welcome their first child,” shares WenXi, a resident of Nanjing province in China. “However, when I was diagnosed with profound deafness at the age of 11 months, the joy in their hearts was replaced by pain and agony. My parents were completely devastated and couldnt believe how this tragedy had befallen them.” 

“Despite their pain, my parents fitted me with hearing aids. They invested a lot of energy in training me to develop my speaking and listening skills. To be honest, the hearing aids didnt improve my hearing ability much, and even at the age of three, I still couldnt hear or speak clearly. But my parents didnt give up, and they continued to train me, hoping to see me bloom one day. 

The progress of technology has brought us many benefits. In 1999, I was fitted with cochlear implant at JiangSu Province Hospital when i was nearly 7yearold. I became the first person in Eastern China to have the implant. With the implant in place, I gradually began to hear the voice of my mother and the voice of the world. 

After that, with my parents focus on rehabilitation, I finally integrated into mainstream society like other children. During my academic years, I served on the class committee and won various awards. My story was widely reported by various TV stations, newspapers, and magazines, which inspired many deaf children and their families. 

Later on, I chose to pursue further education abroad and completed my undergraduate degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Following this, I was hired by an Australian cochlear implant company to serve and work for individuals with hearing loss. 

Now I have established a happy family. My husband is a product manager at an IT company, and we have a healthy and adorable son. As a fulltime mother, I am fully dedicated to raising my child to grow up healthy.