Hearing Loss Changemaker Liam Sebastian Ormeño Gil

Liam Sebastian Ormeño Gil Peru

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Liam came into the world a bit earlier than expected, defying plans for a calm delivery, relates the mother of Liam, a 9-year-old resident of Peru, Liam arrived into the world sooner than planned. Though pre-term, fortunately, his birth was normal and free of complications, marking the beginning of an extraordinary life.

As Liam grew, I began to notice some particular characteristics that set him apart from his older brother. Often, he didn’t respond to the first call and would leave the phone with the volume turned up, much to his brother’s discomfort when he had to use it. His speech development was slow, and in his early days, words seemed to elude him, signalling that something was not right, but I couldn’t imagine what Liam was actually experiencing.

“When the early school stage arrived, Liam’s communication difficulties became more apparent, along with the challenges of completing tasks. Supported by my loving family, I decided to seek some answers and we went to see a doctor.. Finally, at the age of four years, the diagnosis of bilateral hearing loss was made. This provided answers to my questions but also presented many challenges. This marked the beginning of a journey to ensure that Liam has access to the best opportunities and support in his development.”

The following year, we started a new phase of our lives when Liam began auditory rehabilitation and was fitted with hearing aids. Liam embraced this new phase and it was as if a ray of light illuminated his life. He no longer had to struggle with the volume of the TV or the phone. His willingness to pay attention and understand his surroundings improved.”  

With his brave and resilient spirit, Liam has not only overcome his audiological limitations, he is also excelling in soccer. Today, Liam radiates happiness and sociability. When meeting others with hearing aids, he loves to learn about their stories, demonstrating that love and support can transform not only one life but also inspire others.