Hearing loss changemaker Laura Lowles

Laura Lowles Author UK

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“We’re all different. Our unique stories make us who we are today. My story: I’m Laura Lowles, age 34, living in the UK. I love to travel. I’m an author, a wife, a baker, and a volunteer. And I’m profoundly deaf. 

I didn’t expect hearing loss would be such a big part of my story. In fact, it took me a while to accept that my hearing would never come back – I kept hoping for a miracle that never came. Upon reflection, it’s my experiences living with moderate, then profound hearing loss that help me help other people with their own hearing journeys. 

I wore hearing aids from age two, but it was sudden hearing loss in my late twenties that changed my life. When I first lost my hearing, it felt like a part of my identity and self-confidence disappeared with it. The hardest thing was not being able to communicate with my family in the same way that I’d always done. Using the telephone was impossible and I shied away from social events. I felt isolated.  

I’m now the proud user of a cochlear implant (CI). My journey here made me realize how strong and capable I am, and I want to help others to feel the same. 

Whilst my CI means I don’t face as many struggles as I used to, living through the Covid-19 pandemic brings some of these feelings back, especially the communication struggles! 

No one tells you what life is like with sudden hearing loss. I found that information was limited when I began my journey, and I wanted to change that. Through my volunteer work with hearing loss charities and as a hearing mentor, as well as through my blog and book, I hope that I can empower, educate, and inspire those with hearing loss to be confident and embrace who they are.”  

Laura is a Changemaker who supports the call in the World Report on Hearing for hearing care for all, now. Help change the world for those with hearing loss by sharing her story.