Hearing loss changemaker John Ross

John Ross Former Audio Professional Australia

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“My name is John Ross, I’m 55 years old, and living in Queensland, Australia. I have sensorineural hearing loss. 

I walked the road alone. In silence. My wife was there, my children, siblings, and grandchildren. But not only could I not hear them – they could not hear me. This is the silent war. 

I was an audio professional working in the live music production industry and could no longer work. This is the silent war.  

I was given a lot of information on hearing loss. I had hearing professionals available to me across several countries, but I still had so many questions. Information swam and circled around my head making a whooshing sound louder than the tinnitus I was experiencing. This is the silent war.  

In November 2020, following a 9-month delay due to COVID-19, I was implanted with a cochlear implant in my right ear. I now heard the indicators of my car, the ping of the elevator door, the birds for the first time in decades, and the cicadas – what a noisy bunch they are.   

The war was over for me, but not for so many others. One in six people around the globe to be more specific. Margaret Mead said ‘Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’.  

And so, this is my war now. I was compelled to document my journey through a pre-, during, and post-surgery video series, giving others on that silent road the opportunity to have both the information and support I couldn’t find.  

I fight with enthusiasm and dedication. We are all individuals with different stories and different journeys. I am committed to bringing us together – through my video blog, through my volunteer work with hearing support groups, and as a mentor to anyone who needs one. Because talking to recipients of cochlear implants was the most helpful and supportive part of my journey.  

I welcome anyone to reach out to me through 9941 Media and the My Cochlear Journey – Before, During, Post Surgery Series.” 

John is a Changemaker who supports the call in the World Report on Hearing for hearing care for all, now. Help change the world for those with hearing loss by sharing his story.