Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Musician Canada

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When the WHO’s World Report on Hearing was launched in 2021, Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams demonstrated his support through a passionate foreword:

“From an early age, I knew I’d be involved in music in some capacity because music was everything to me. There are millions of people out there who share those same feelings. For the past forty-five years, I have been careful how I enjoy music. I’d like to use this World Report on Hearing to pass on this message: ‘Music is everything, and so is your hearing.’

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the young, it affects all age groups. The way we enjoy our music is what counts; volume can damage your hearing forever. So take care of your hearing with the level you listen to it. Remember, if you lose your sense of hearing, it won’t come back.

Keep rockin’, be safe.”

Photograph by Bryan Adams